Debt and funding

All loans with Morrow Bank ASA as debtor
Issue type: Tier 1ISIN: NO0010886542Ticker: KOMP04 PROAmount: NOK 200 millionMargin: 8.00 per cent p.aIssue Date: 26 June 2020Maturity Date: PerpetualGo to Euronext

Issue type: Tier 2ISIN: NO0010941131Ticker: KOMP05 PROAmount: NOK 65 millionMargin: 5.00 per cent p.aIssue Date: 3 March 2021Maturity Date: 3 March 2031Go to Euronext

Issue type: Tier 2ISIN: NO0012909235Ticker: KOMP06 PROAmount: NOK 100 millionMargin: 7.00 per cent p.aIssue Date: 11 May 2023Maturity Date: 11 May 2033Go to Euronext