The Nomination Committee

The nomination committee shall consist of three members, including a chair. The members and chair are elected at the annual general meeting for a term of up to two years. Acting members of the board of directors, the CEO and other members of management cannot be elected as members of the nomination committee.
Tom O. CollettChair
Niels KrogsrudMember
Nishant Fafalia Member

The Audit and Risk Committee

The Audit and Risk Committee assists the Board in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities concerning management and control of the risks, risk frameworks, controls and financial reporting. This will also include related control and processes associated with the Bank’s activities such as credit, market, liquidity, business, operational risks, conduct and compliance, as well as related frameworks and processes. In addition to the elected members from the Board, key personnel from the management participate in the meetings. The committees’s purpose and scope are regulated in chapter 5 in the Act on financial institutions and financial groups.
Bodil Palma HollingsæterChair
Stig Eide SivertsenStig Eide SivertsenMember
Nicolai LundeMember

The Compensation Committee

Compensation Committee is a subcommittee of the board. The main tasks are to ensure that the bank’s general remuneration policy is in line with the shareholders' long-term interests. The Committee shall consist of at least three members, including a chair. The committee shall have at least one representative of the employees, and the other members shall be representatives from the board. Senior management shall not be part of the committee.
Stig Eide SivertsenStig Eide SivertsenChair
Jonna KyllönenJonna KyllönenMember
Anna-Karin ØstlieAnna-Karin ØstlieMember